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Wonders about human brain


Wonders about human brain

The human brain is the most complicated organ in the human body and the most complicated created organ in this universe that we were gifted

Here we go

The human brain it consume more energy of the body more than any other organ in the whole body and it takes only 2% of human body weight so the brain is very wonderful  because it has very little weight and it is most complicated more than any organ and it takes more energy than any organ in the body

The number of neuron in the brain is 100 billion which is very big number in counts that is 15 times all people population in the earth but that count is only within the single head and much more this count is increasing every single day as you use more your brain and if you don’t use your brain you will have only 100 billion

The brain is the fattest organ in the body because more than 60 % of all the brain complies the fat so it is the organ that has more concentration of fat more than any other organ in the body of human being

The neocortex this is the part of brain that is 76% large more than that is present in human brain it is only responsible for languages only

It is believed that we live and use only 10% so this is not the truth because every part of the human body has its defined function so every part of the brain is working but as you do difficult tasks you will increase the ability of your brain every single day.

The human brain during very early stage of pregnancy the baby will have 250000 rates of neurons per minutes so I work very fast

About 15-20% output of the cardiac is directed to the brain which may be up to 750 ml every single minute so this is very amazing

Sometimes the human brain can fool the person so it needs to experience before to avoid to be fooled

The human brain is the only organ that lacks nerves despite that it acts as the center and the main of the never system of human body

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