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Animals with the biggest brain

Animals with the biggest brain

Brain size is very important and  the size of animal  brain is measured by its mass compared to body size and complication of the body systems so all animal intelligent it depends on only one thing which is brain so when you know about brain you will be able to say the intelligent of the animal

Sperm whale

This is the biggest animal in the sea and the body it comprises with the head of 25 up to 30 percent of the whole body and the brain grow to 18 pound and up to 500 inches by size when you compare to the human brain there is big difference because human brain only has 80 inches cubic. The brain mass contains 0.2 % of the total brain


The elephant brain is the biggest brain of all living in land animals it can grow up to 12 pound. And the elephant brain is located in the back of the head unlike many other animals which we found their brains are on the forehead


This is highly intelligent animal and it is very well known for intelligent animal with very big brain and it can be around with that of human the brain has 3.5 pounds and the ration of the body is 1.9 these means the ratio between body and brain is 1.9 and it has neocortex with larger surface area than other animals . and in short the neocortex is responsible for thinking and more


Human being is one of the most intelligent more than any other woman and the pound of the brain is 3.1 and the ration with the body is 2.1 percent which is very different with other animals

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