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15 ways to increase your sexual health

15 ways to increase your sexual health

Good health is very important and the most important is to have your mental health and the overall body health including sex health so we are revealing today ways to make sure you do to get your life is at better more than ever before we will be revealing those ways here.

Reduce stress

Many people the seek medicine from all over the world to enjoy sex life yet all medicine fail because the problem is not in anatomical structure of the body but your head and lifestyle has the problem so you must  accept to reduce stress to have better sex more than ever before

Lower your blood pressure

As you lower down your blood pressure you will be noted that there are you feel happy to sex and it increases sex desire so you may get so much more if you accept to lower your blood pressure and if your wondering how to lower blood pressure is better to see your doctor


This is very important task that every single individual f this world should  make it in their timetable so the can enjoy helping their partners and themselves to do a great job so it is the milestone of every day to everybody in this world

Eat some species

The truth is your body blood flow will increase and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy life and success

Eat banana

Banana contains potassium so it lowers blood flow when you eat more banana and what you have to know how it is all about blood flow when it comes to health and bed pleasure

Take vitamin B 1

This is related to nerves system which will help you to respond quickly when it comes to touch and senses

Egg it contains much vitamin B

So because it contains vitamin B it will increase sex power, desire, and performance

Quit smoking

It can be seen easily but is not very simple because cigarette has direct connection with impotence so you can end up nobody to your wife because of cigarette

Get sunlight

As you get more sunlight you will be able to receive more vitamin D from sunlight so it is more recommended now and then

Practice make perfect

As we work more and more we become good and so if you want to do this better and better you will need to do this alone and change the speed and make sure you enjoy

Listen to your partner

If she tells you or he tells you thing that you have to never please listen because it may help you and in your connection

See doctor when needed

If you feel you need doctor you should do that to help your health

Eat some chocolates

Chocolate increase sex desire and life it will help very much In that manner

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