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Top 10 animals with the best hearing

 Top 10 animals with the best hearing

Human, we all need hearing power to move from danger to talk and to get more than ever by only hearing, we can hear the best songs and much more using ear in which our beloved God equipped it with the power to hear and vibration. Animals also have hearing power and some of them they can have great healing power more than others and some have more than human being


Are the most hearing powerful animal in which it can hear very far which help it to run away when the dangerous happen so it can hear up to very little vibration of sound


The can see well and we can say they almost have blind so in some places they can see but they have very higher hearing power most people they wonder because it can know the location even without seeing by only using another common sense and much more


This is one of the animals which has very high ability to hear from very far and very low vibration


The use their hearing in most cases and it very helpful and useful so we checked and know for sure they use their ear to keep themselves  cool and the more they stay cool the more the more the can live the place with no water


This animal is very sensitive and has big ability to hear and to sense very far and it hear before you hear anything and it can hear even what is going on inside the house or outside very far


Are more powerful and the can get more ear rotation more than that of human being because  it has more than dozen of muscles and that means that they can get their ear rotated 180 degrees while human ear has 3 muscles and three bones that can never rotate


Actual horse the warn for herd that is why when they found themselves in the situation the fast communicate and go down very fast


Are similar to bad but there are few and very few different and more similarities



Are very powerful sound detector and it will know for sure where it coming from a much more so it will know very faster and its closeness


This animal is very amazing because it can hear very small vibration and very small sound of animals storms and earthquakes so it can run from 

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