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Amazing facts about human hand

 Amazing facts about human hand

The human hand is the organ that helps us to perform more world as we need and receive commands from the brain and it never disobeys and we are at her oviside decided to talk about human hand

Human hand have 29 joints and 27 bones and well named 123 ligaments that mean the human hand is very complicated more than we think that is why we can perform different task ever

Our thumbs can work together that is amazing and also differentiate us from other animals we have very powerful thumbs ever

Fingerprint is very different from every single individual in the world and only one individual can have that fingerprint and others can have so there are no similarities in fingerprint in this world

The world hand is also very popular and there are so much more staffs named hand such us handy, handwriting, handiwork, handle, handbag, handsome, handball, etc. and so much more

The length of the hand of the adult for all men and women have different because the length of the men is 7.4 inches and for women, if 6.7 so there are so much more different

Fingers have no muscles and the tendon of the fingers are moved by the muscles of the forearm that is so wonderful we can’t even talk about this

The ring finger of men if taller than the index finger so this will give you the ideas on how you are in this world


The index finger is the finger with no important so if you need to choose so one no be lost the choice must be index finger

Your finger and show your state of health

Can your finger show some health problems like liver problems and thyroid problem according to color of spotted

The color of nail that has the moon like shape this always indicate the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream

The finger is very sensitive than our eyes

Fingers are stopping growing after death 

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