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How to get positive attitudes


How to have positive attitude

To have positive attitude should be the goal of every single person in this world. And without we as ourselves to know the life wi live is reflected by our attitude so sometimes you can meet with somebody you never meet before and maybe you don’t know that person and for you don’t know him then is very difficult to know things about him but you will know his altitude even without further question our more discussion and to be honest only three questions are enough to know if that person has good altitude or not

The negative attitude not only pull you back from enjoying life but also it make you to never environments of think good things for you and others. So in this life there are many gifts but there are few very best gifts you can offer your family to satisfy them and this gift cover almost many places including community, family, organization, nation, and any other group of people

In the very simple explanation we can say if you want to make the world the better place is simple you have to make sure you look yourself and changes yourself by doing that is only gift you give to the world because you’re the only person who cause this world some problems but once you change we will be happy again.  By making simple adjustment to this life we live every day and the mindset we will meet with another type of life which is very amazing and attractive in our life and that will create happiness to us and our friends we live in this world. So here are some ways to help you create the positive attitude in your life

Keep a gratitude journal  

We all see that every day sometimes we meet only single problem can make very big problem or sometime make the life unattractive again and that is too bad but is what happening in our life and we never take care of that. But we know is negative and we ignore that we only concentrate to positive one because is what will final help you to solve all negative. You must make sure you try to make few things work to you and you will see attitude is changing slowly but for sure you have to write down seven things that you love and you think are great for that day to be confronted with. Many writers found that gratitude can help very much every single individual who want to have best life and practice it and it is not only help you to have positive life but also it will help you to make sure you live without an stress and anything stupid

Reframe your challenge

When you meet the certain challenges and you found that you can’t control it by any means then there is no need to make yourself fight with the impossible so to make that go good we must make sure we put effort for something that we know for sure at the end of the day we will be able to control it but if we can’t  control it we have no reason to fight that war. Enjoy the challenge and don’t resist because the truth is ”sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”

By Robert Kiyosaki

Get good at being rejection

Rejection is the something you will need to learn because every single day you will have to decide whether you accept something or you reject something in your life so if you know how to say yes but you don’t know how to say no that will be the problem. Because even yourself you will meet with so much rejection in the life and if you think rejection is the sin then you will have negative attitude

Always use positive words to express your life

The words we talk every day have big role to play as you talk every day about your life you will be there watching it coming as you said so every single day you have to make sure you make positive talk about your life and that should be only positive words. There are words that make yourself wonder if you describe your life as busy life that is what your life will become and if you describe your life as good and simple life and never complicated that is how your life will be in all life you live. If in your life you use simple words to explain your self that is how you will be enjoying living with friends of all levels and enjoy more.

Replace have with get

 In every day of life you will have to make sure that you do not have but you get to do things so you don’t have  to go to shopping but you get to go to shopping that will help you very much in your life. Just try that skills you will see how things change from one to another on your way to positive altitude make sure you get to do anything you get to do but avoid to have to do anything you get to be done

Don’t let yourself dragged to others people’s complaints

On your side you live very best life in all your life but the problem is your co-worker and your friend they never stop complaining about the cold weather or about other things that you can even control that in your life. So you don’t have to join them because you will be the same with them and that is never being good so to help them you must stop supporting them and avoid being involved. you never think about any cold before in all your life even when you are coming from home but you will see that man or woman get it to you and you will see yourself agreeing with that person and you will experience very bad life because you complain something you will never get solution so never fall on that trap because negative thoughts or negative altitude will reduce life satisfaction and you will see that you’re not able to be satisfied


So when you get something that is very serious you will see yourself you hold your breath and that increase you’re angry but as soon as you breathe you will see yourself come to normal again. And you know our breath changes depend on how we feel but when we feel life angry so your breath will be like that and when you feel like something again you will be breathing according to that something but what you get to learn here is you have to breath to make sure you enjoy life

Notice the righteous in times of tragedy

When we notice is all media there are people who hate you or make you feel bad and they talking about you what you will have to do and to tell your self is that is not right and please stay still as that happen just to hurt you and if people talk that much and you don’t panic or say anything bad all other people will know that your right and that is what every single person in this world need

Have the solution when you point out the problem

Positive people are not always have the solutions to their problems but the sometimes can see good thing and bad thing so if you’re the one and you need to help people on that issue you must make sure you address it in the way that will never make more questions and on that problem you must have solution to solve that problem

Make sure that someone around you smiles

If you help people around you smile when you’re the best person in the life and by doing that will make your life simple more than ever before and you can enjoy living this life. This means if everywhere around you there is the smile why you should be in the position of sadness in your life








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