Stay Positive

How to be positive

How to be positive

We all need to be happy and that is the good thing but the first thing is we all have to think about ourselves how will we be happy and as we live in this world we will see and know for sure happiness is not the only form of positivity somebody may experience the wonderful sadness challenges, problems and so much more the trick is how to stay positive in every single deal. Most of our life is the result of everything and the result of how we every day respond to our surroundings so there is no new thing as we live in this world everything is not new but when you respond to negative things in negative way you will find that you fall down but the same thing when you turn that negative to positive as your response to it you will be safe again and you will enjoy life. Not only the way you respond but also is our job to make sure we change those negative to positive and that will be the great thing in this world we are here at oviside decided to help people to stay positive and we produce this amazing articles that will help everybody of us

Accept where you are

You must make sure you accept where you are because as we live in this world we will have to make sure that there are nothing that will make us don’t accept our situations so you have to accept that you have negative feelings and there is where the process of change will start and as you start you will be very happy to have that done to positive. Try to never judge yourself on things you feel or on your thoughts because so much people they tend to have more thoughts and they have no positive feelings on that and that is quite no very good thing in the world because all feelings and thoughts are not born but come from experiences and things that we come to pass. Accept all things that make you as yourself and those things that you can’t change in your life because as you live in this world you have to make sure that there are more positive than negative so if your introvert you like more to stay alone inside then there is no need for you to start moving around and waste time because that is not what will give you happiness and that will only wear your energy

Make goals

The science shows the truth of making goals and makes anybody feel happy and comfortable more than to stay without any goal you will feel like you have hope for life even when you fail to achieve them as you live in this life. If you set goals you must make sure you get the one which will align with your value to make the life go on but when you come to think about goals that will be out of your level that will increase the level of stress you have but staying without goals is even more bad thing more than ever before. So the trick is to start with small goals the goals which will not make you feel like you have to spend too much of your energy to perform such as to do meditation and so much more. And number two you must set positive goals for yourself like to set the following goal “working toward the stopping eating junk foods ” and don’t say yours trying to avoid junk food and so much more, because when you say you are trying and not doing there is the big difference and your likely to fail. Lastly, keep your goals depend on your own actions and don’t depend on anyone else effort in this life

Extend kind of love to other people

  As you love more you also get more from all people who know that you love them and as you love them you will be in position to make this life awesome and the truth is the love you provide is equal to the love you receive so as you love more you will receive more and also as you love less you will receive less that is the truth.

Keep a journey  

Research suggest that as you get more and more positive thought you will see the truth about yourself change all negative thought move to another place and that means as you get to more positive thought all negative move so there are mathematical formula for anybody who needs to stay more positive it stated the one negative thought you will have to develop three positive thought to make you positive again. If you keep it a journey will help you to make sure you get that well done and it will help you to also make sure that you don’t forget your mission so it is a good thing to make sure you get yourself happy life to simplify your life.

Practice gratitude

In more studies it is well shown that gratitude is more good than enough and anybody can get it done by the simple ways and it has been provide that as we get to practice more gratitude we get more and more from it and as we live in this world we will have to make sure we enjoy life every single day and that will help us very much. So gratitude help very much in our lives and we make sure to make people enjoy and because of that we will have to enjoy more we will stay positive more than ever before and we will have what we need faster more than ever before we will have the great compassion more than ever before and much more you will learn as we get to know what is going on every single day

Use your affirmation

Your brain likes shortcuts so you will find yourself in the journey where you will have to make sure that you get to do thing every day and your brain will copy that and send it to your norms station where every day your doing the same thing your brain will make sure it knows more about you and what you like so after getting that you will find you get nothing. Positive self-talk we help you to make sure you get everything done and will help you very much to enjoy life every single day

You must choose affirmation which is meaning full to you and that will help you to make sure you enjoy your life more than ever before so that is how this life goes on, so you may choose religious affirmation or any other as long as it shows something amazing to your life

Cultivate optimism

Many of us they don’t know they can live meaning full life in all their experiences and big deal is the ways you translate this world the day that you will be able to translate this world in a good manner is the day that you will get everything you need to have in your life so as you get better translation you will have more good look of your world

Learn to reframe negative experiences

As we live in this world will have to pass some experiences of which we will be needed to make sure that no any bad experience that will make you feel bad and make the new for your on betterment in this life. And make sure you’re not doing any more bad experience as you live in this world because that is too bad to have a more negative thing in your life

Use your body as you live in this world

The way you use your mind and your brain you will find that there are more and more than ever before which we will be experiencing so you must make sure you make big things in your life which will be good thing in all your life so you must do so much more and for this thing you will have to do the following in your life.

        Smile when you’re happy or not because by doing that the brain will make sure your mood is    elevated again and you will feel very happy or have a good mood and stay positive

Dress in the way that expresses yourself and that will make sure you and all people whom you meet to have wonderful experiences and the make sure you enjoy life

Get some exercise

As you do more exercise you will see your life change on by one and you can enjoy making sure you get what you need in your life so as you live in this world you will find yourself enjoying life to the maximum so if you can’t awake early the solution will be exercise and if you don’t have any mood you have to exercise and if you make sure you enjoy life it will make sure you stay into your mood and so much more is it will make you have positive thoughts

Create life that within yourself

To live the life that you enjoy it will need more from yourself and not from others that means you will have to get baby and you will have to make more friend and so much more you know family and friends is what every single person will make sure you enjoy this life as you come to be confronted with life

Don’t sweat for small staffs

There are more things those will make sure you sweet and also they can pay you for that but when you come to be confronted with everything which is very simple and you sweet like you’re doing very big tasks that will be the problem

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