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Men and women reproductive system

Men and women reproductive system

We are at oviside.com decided to teach about better reproductive health, the reproductive functions of the body for men and women can be very much enhanced in natural ways by recipes in this series. in addition, all recipes we are going to discuss here in this series will be also for prevention of breast cancer and prostate cancer, which are more common types of cancer in our days

Out of all the ingredients in these recipes, the soybean is the most notable for its effective actions in the reproductive system, soybeans prevent and relieve symptoms of menopause, favor hormonal balance also is the excellent source of nutrition for pregnant women, and soybeans protect against breast cancer and prostate cancer this is due to outstanding combination of protein , essential fatty acid, vitamin, minerals , and physiochemical element such as  isoflavones

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Let's talk about the prostate gland, tomatoes are also prescriptive for the male reproductive system as very much important recipes because it contains lycopene.  This is a very important substance which is carotene substance which gives tomatoes its red color and it has many functions first it serves as antioxidant and second it protect the prostate gland

We need to add more on soybeans, tomatoes, and other lifestyles the following are very important in protecting prostate gland in your life even in old age zinc, magnesium, bee pollen, fiber, and two essential fatty acids-linoleic and linolenic acid all these should be eliminated to protect your self


Coffee, as the essential oils that produce its aroma, irritate the urinary duct and prostate

Eliminate tobacco, alcohol, vinegar, salty foods, and sausage an hot spices such as chile and hot pepper

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