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how to make your girlfriend happy

how to make your girlfriend happy 

if you have a girl and you always want to make your girl  happy then the trick is simple her we are going to reveal some very important and very basic tips to make your stay in the line and the ambitions to make your girl happy here we go

Listen to her

Now every girl say men they don't listen they always do things which are sometimes not good and still they don't listen to me so what I have to do is nothing but this makes me unhappy and I want this to stop, so here we come men with active and well-working mind and we say we have to think and stop making this person unhappy. please listen to here it will help you very much.

Buy her thoughtful gifts

make sure at least on her every birthday and all holy days you buy certificates to give your girlfriend and that will help you very much but when you decided to make your girl happy you must think about making all things which will help her smile and be happy including gifts

 Make effort with her friends

If you get yourself into the problem with friend/friends of your girlfriend make sure you take your time to resolve all your differences for we don't know anything about you but your girlfriend know so it will make her unhappy and that will be very bad

Show your interests with her interests

this means if you get to the point in which you know your girl want or love football then you must make sure you show your support to her, this does not mean to get your self-involved but to make sure your girl does her best to what she wants

Do your share of the housework

if your girl clean dishes make sure you help her for by doing so you will help your girl and ot only to help your girl but also you will make her happy and if you make her happy then you can enjoy the happy life with your girl

Make good use of your time together

make sure you take time to stay with your girl, men they tend to be very busy and the fail even to make sure the can stay with their girls and make them enjoy as they do in the normal and surprises days so this is awesome please make sure you use your time with your girl

Change your bed routine 

if you have noticed that your girl doesn't want sex anymore you must make sure you get to the point of which you can change what is normal life if you go harder ,speeder and  faster the not all girls they feel the same others the don't feel happy the ways you think so you must make sure you make your decision to change your bed routine



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