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5 Exercises to Transform Your Body

5 Exercises to Transform Your Body 

We all know nowadays you can live the life which you will live without enough time to go to a gym. But these exercises we are going to reveal today will make you even beautiful and very much great in your life and make you smart!

Only one month will be very much enough for you to enjoy life and transform yourself to another level of the life, so you will have one month to do this and you will get a result. As a bonus, at the bottom of the article, there’s one very simple exercise that you can use as a warm-up.

1. Plank

Lie down on the floor, belly down.  What you have to do is to Bend your elbows in 90-degree-angle that will be the starting of this step. The next thing you will have to do is to Raise your body engaging your core and stabilize your feet lifting up on your toes that is what you will have to do . then Hold the pose for 30 seconds on your first day that is what you will do and only that for the first time and first step.

Make sure you Add 5 seconds daily, now make sure don’t hold more than 2 minutes as you do this. make sure you Remember to keep your back parallel to the floor and your belly muscles engaged I hope for this it will be enough and that is great do as you feel comfortable and enjoy the moment.

2.  Push-ups



Get yourself in a plank position. What you have to do is to Place your hands under your shoulders that will help you to start this. If you Push your body up by unbending your elbows this will help you very much and you will be good and you will enjoy. Then bend your hands and touch the floor with your chest very fast that will improve your shape.

Do it as per your ability 10 set every day


3. Bird-dog


Stand on your knees and you have to put your hand on the floor in front you. the next thing you have to do on this step is to  Raise your left hand so it’s parallel to the floor.  


4. Squats


Now it’s time to stand up! Did you try squat even one day? That is great you will have a great moment then if you do it every day in your life. Go and try them you will enjoy even more.

5. Hip Raises


 This now will shape your body to have a great and very much beautiful body and you will enjoy your own life, you simply do what you can do to make sure you keep in your body in shape


The magical warm-up exercise: jumping rope



You can jump the lope and enjoy your moment then make this the only thing that you can do now 

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