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8 Facts We Never Knew About the Male Body

8 Facts We Never Knew About the Male Body

The male itself has millions of surprises but it also gives us millions of surprises in which we come down and start thinking how does this come and because of that we come with the list of facts about male body that we never heard before.

1. Slow aging

All men the preserve the youth looking for longer more than the females however because females they care about their skin the most they can enjoy and take advantage over men in the life

2. The ability to lactate

Yes sometimes happens and all man has that ability and people with abnormalities can cause that to happen if somebody used the certain treatments can cause that to happen

3. Baldness

If your father was bald then there is the chance that you will be bald but this is only for men because of genetics reasons and everybody in this world have to know if you have stress and /or poor diet you will develop it faster.

4. Premenstrual syndrome

When the women approaching their time their men they also get the same symptoms and that is also most of the men they never knew.

5. Female origins

All human beings start their life as a female with x chromosome but the differences come if y will come to be xy there is when the male come but if xx will join then female will be there  

6. Thick skin

The male hormone testosterone makes men’s skin thicker. It’s around 25% thicker than women’s skin.

However, over their lifetimes, men’s skin becomes thinner, whereas with women it remains the same thickness until menopause. That is quite a simple action that is happening here in the matter of fact

7. The Adam’s apple Have you ever wondered what Adam’s apple is for, and why men have larger ones than women? Women have only a small protrusion on their necks, made up of the thyroid cartilage, the only purpose of which is to protect the vocal chords.

This thyroid cartilage is also responsible for the higher tone of people’s voices. During a person’s teenage years, its angle in relation to the annular cartilage changes, forming Adam’s apple and leading to the so-called "breaking" of a person’s voice. This angle is smaller in men than in women, making the protrusion larger and their voices lower.

8. Color perception

Men have only one x that is why they can differentiate color and female have xx that is why they can differentiate color  that is what is happening


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