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7 Signs Your Body Needs More Folic Acid

7 Signs Your Body Needs More Folic Acid


According to the Institute of Medicine in the US, adults should consume 400 micrograms of folic acid a day. This substance is also called folic acid is very crucial in our life. We are at oviside decided to teach you about the signs which are very much important.

7. Cognitive problems


This can result to depression and many nerves system problems and if not treated properly can even result to dementia so it is more important to take precaution further more this may result even to behavior of forgetting very important things.

6. Body pains



Anemia can happen as the result of insufficient folic acid and that will be very much important because it can cause problems to to brain, can cause headache, and also can cause inflammations.

5. Pale skin



Pale skin is the result of not have enough red blood cell which also is caused by not having enough folic acid this is what happen in our daily  life.

4. Shortness of breath

If you get yourself out of breat then you need folate acid

3. Digestive problems

 Follate acid help in digestive system if you don’t have enogh you will have problems and you will never enjoy in your life.

2. Mouth sores and tongue swelling


This happening several times to many people is that true ? tell us in the comment box bellow

  1. Reduced sense of taste

You will get what we call sores and they will destroy your taste buds

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