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What should I do if I have very narrow minded par

 What should I do if I have very narrow minded parents?

Actual you can never reason anything with any norrow minded person so you will need to find another one to help you do or to make things go on

here we go !

1. Teachers 

actualy teachers are always in position of helping society so if your interested to get help you must get your self adviced by teacher so i hope you will get go on with this people

2. counselors

these people also will help you get what you want because they are expert on that angle so if you need any thing or you need advice then this is also right place to get help

3.  friends parents

mother and father of your friends  can advice and make you get what you want and if you find the right person you can end up with amaizing ideas and get mang things from their experience

4. friends 

 before you get any advice from your friends you must make sure that friend is the right friend but if not you will end up with ideas that will never help you in all your life so you must find the right friend to advice

other from different proffesionals according to what you need to accomplish you will always need to find the right person like when you need econmic advice you will need economist and others likewise

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