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how to start busness while in collage

We know to start business while you’re in collage can be very good and motivating to you however some people think about difficult to manage so they choose to wait till they graduate but to be honest with you, this is the truth if you want to get money and to be entrepreneur the this is article you need to read especial if you are from collage or your student from any school level, collage, university, and any other institution available  you must be in need to read this so please follow this will help you very much. Here is some reason to start business while you are in collage then after I will show how to start this business

In collage is only place you will have one of the biggest network of people

If you decide to do business while in college only you need is word of mouth will spread very fast more than any other you will tell your friends about what you need and what you’re doing and you can make money very much let me tell you, in collage is the only place that you meet with smart people who you never meet again so it is quite very good and also you will get advice from peers

You can talk to business teachers for advice  

If your student, you can ask from very experienced people with high thinking ability and you can get high privilege from all people of the world and all other people more than students. You know professor may give you advice if only you have running business but also he may give you advice even if you are not business owner or you don’t run business also you can get access to people who get chance to get to run business since they are very young

You have nothing to lose

In collage time is time you have nothing to lose because you don’t have money but you get money and in collage is the time to make mistakes and to stand again because you have nothing to lose and by losing you will have the best thing you need in life that every single person may need that is answer by experience so when your in collage you have nothing to loose

It looks very very great in your resume

In the matter of fact you need to know that all employers they need some body with practical experience and not just experience so if you don’t have any experience it will take experience of all times in rejection so I propose now you start business now more than later because all opportunities are very open

In this world most of schools they have mentorship program in their all studies life

If you choose to make money and to start business it will be very okay because you will access one the biggest mentorship program which will help you very much at the end of the day so all of these mentorship you will get all for free since we are students very different with people who are not students

You can access money compensation that offered by many cities for students

Depending with nature of your leader I mean government some government offer compensation for people who tried business any time but this is only for students but for the schools 

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