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Steps to start business in college

 Steps to start business in college

  1. Pick a niche

You must know which products you love most and which product among those you love can be available too if is commence but if Is drop shipping all product are available so you may choose one of niches and make sure you get one of the all which will be the most one once you get that niches you may start thinking where you may get that product and once you get the place you may start business immediate and by using any of the best sites including Ali express and another site

  1. Create your store for free

Once you get your free store you will be ready to sell your products and start making money so it is very important to start your store and start making money you can create your store from any system but now what we will be able to do is to make sure we create store for free from Shopify and then we will get free trials and if you find that store useful they will start taking money from you every month but you will also make great money you never thought

  1. Get vanity URL

All companies they offer vanity URL but once you get that it is not sound like brand for you what you want to do is to buy your own brand and make sure that brand become great by choosing the name that nobody can forget and make sure of that we have to always make sure we consider everything in our business

  1. Pick a free theme

If you have money and budget for it then you may pay for that money but there is no need to do anything that can cost, you while the same services are available for the same cost so what I try to make sure here is that money is the reward after solving somebodies problem. now the question is if money is the reward after solving somebodies problem why you should pay while there is no solved problem?

  1. Add products to your store

Through your store, you can make as many products as you can so this can be done manually or automatically using arbelo, however, using that way also cost 5$ per month you need to get prepared to pay that amount of money

  1. Make your store look active

Make sure your site look in the manner that everybody will see the store as something maintained every single second doesn’t make the site to look like something which is not attractive to attract new customers and to pull back all old customers and if you will be able to do that what will follow is to make sure everything comes to be under control  

  1. Market your store

your store can be very important for it to be promoted for that store to make money, any business without promotion is equal to wastage of money to yourself so what I need to advice is to make sure we make money and get paid from our customers and that will be of more important

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