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How to make somebody happy

 How to make somebody happy

To make somebody happy it will need too many things including the following


You need to smile every single time on faces of people and friends and if you smile like that it will help you to make them happy as the look your face so it is very important to make sure you smile every single moment you talk or you face somebody this will help you make them happy as they look your face. Make sure you make people happy however is not simple thing because very few people can handle to do this but most of them they will hurt you as you continue to make them happy

Help them to carry something

Make sure when somebody carry heavy load or anything you can help please do that that will help you to feel happy as you help people to carry different things and also will help you to feel like you very important for life and once you get things done I am sure your services will be recognized and you will enjoy life every single time. However, this will make and increase happiness of that person but also will get things positioned and this also is part of good manner in the society

Send thank you email

To send thank you email is very simple but it is something that is not happening many times and it always very rare I don’t know why but what I think is very simple to make sure at least you send one thank you mail and you make somebody happy by doing that and by doing that you will increase the number of friends and not only friends but active friends who will always be able to get anything done to you

Call them to only just see how they are doing

If you want to be happy you must be able to see them happy and how to see them happy there is no way more than to make sure you fight and call them every single day or week to see if this person is doing okay or not if you found them they are good then there is nothing you can do but if you see they are not good you must give them the word of hope so they can be happy again and know for sure no matter what your with them

Pick the flowers

As you give them a very nice present they will always love you as you go day today and you will enjoy very much to have this flower received and handled well as we are going on with our life

Cook nice meal for them

Nice meal is core piece of things that will always make somebody happy because as we eat, drink and so much more we stay happy every single moment so if that is what happening you can be able to make people happy by providing them with very good meal

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