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Things that will make you cry

 Things that will make you cry

If your too much emotional you will found yourself crying every single time and that will always never make you happy however if you take it as something normal then everything come to be under control

If you need a nap you will automatically found yourself crying that is happening even before you decide to sleep so that is what happening when you found yourself very tired and if sometimes if you performed very heavy sometimes

es, when you see your favorite person is crying this, will make you also start crying with no good reason and will take place till you take that as normal

When you see your pet involved in accident and hurted that will make things go crazy and you will cry very much and that can result to too many problem to your self if you used a lot of time with that pet

          The Bachelor/Bachelorette  

Most the of times this people found them self crying and they give hope to themselves and say but I hope I am not the only one I hope there are many people out there who are like me and the say that while they are still crying

When you see elders are eating by themselves you think why is that happening and why you are now have many people around you but once you start failing you will found that your alone with no body


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