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Things young people can do to change the world

 Things young people can do to change the world

Young people can have so many ways to do to change the world however very few of them can do this and we are at oviside decided to write to make sure youth can make this world a better place

Young people can Volunteer

Many young people can never get themselves do things because they believed to not do well but this person is awesome and we can make our self-do things by volunteering that will always make things go on and by doing that we as young people we will get chance to talk more about society and developments

Young people, they have permission to write to their political representative

When you think you have idea that is very important to be implemented in the place then you must write the letter to your political representative and by that, you will be able to get what you need easily if it is legit then you can send poster and it will be received

You can use online platforms to reach others

As we know there are billions of people who are using social media and so much more to reach others so if that is what happening then the only one thing that will help those people is your decision to start teaching them to  do what is the best for their life

Encourage young people to teach others

Once you have group of people who you teach every single day then you will be able to tell them that once you teach them they have a role to teach others too for the don’t have to be silent without helping others to achieve their dreams

You must think out of box

Once you get people think they can make something normal then you have to think on how to make something amazing and clear and something to more than ever before that will always go beyond point of view so this is how you can enjoy your own creativity used by others

Helping all girls to have great education

Other countries they don’t care about girls and that is too bad and here we want to make that clear that as we make girls study we make the world and country better place but when we make them ignorance we make this world the place we can’t even explain

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