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How to get people like you

How to get people like you

To make others love you is not simple it need you to do something that will make that person attracted to you so there is nothing doing the following that will help you very much to do this let’s get on all tips

Always use person’s name

Never in your life can somebody you what you have to do is to make sure always you make sure you call that person by his or her name so they will think you care very much about them and that will be very important because always people think you care them when you call them by their names and that will make them start caring you and like you or even love you in their life

Smile with feelings especial when you talk to anybody

When you decide  to smile we will get so much more from your other side because also she/he will smile and if he smiles on you then that is very good starting point to start living love life or to start showing love to each other

Listen using brain also

Making things done will need to use your sense organ to make that happen so when you listen to that person you must make sure using your ability you make everything clear more than ever before  

Use verbal communication

Verbal communication is when you talk with that person you must make sure you pay attention and she understands that you are paying attention and that you will get that person as your friend and you may enjoy life very much

Handle critics with facts

Once somebody shows that you did nothing the handle that with strong facts ever then make all people who listen to you very happy again that will make you happy and you will enjoy life very much

Avoid making orders

Always make sure your not making orders but make requests that will always make sure nobody drought what you want them to do eg. Why don’t we do something? And they will tell you some facts and you can go on

Be real person, not robots

As we are going deep into the life we don’t need to talk with people who behave like robots only what need is to work or talk with people who are real people

Ask for advice

In this world, we all need help so we can be helped if we need to ask help


Ask question

By asking you can get answer and solve your problems in all angles








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