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Top things that people fear

 Top things that people fear

People of the world they fear too many things that are even don’t have to fear by any means but people of this world fear now we at oviside ready to show  thing which people of the world fear the most and sometimes you also fear them very much may be more than anybody else

Losing freedom

All people they need to be free but when you make anybody lose his/her freedom you will be making them I mean people to start fearing while we don’t have to fear about anything. So if you’re the one who is responsible to make people free example if your decision maker or anybody else you should make sure you use your power and opportunity to set people free

Nothing or unknown

Many people in this world they afraid nothing more than something they afraid things that even if you make sure to at least know what is that you will never know that so this is too bad and the question know why you should fear nothing

Almost all people they fear pain

Most and almost all people they afraid pain because pain makes people unhappy with lots of problems and it makes you without freedom to do things you love and sometime it may force you to sleep even when you  don’t need to sleep


All people the mind very much when they get to be disappointed and that is when they expect something and they get nothing, the truth is if you want to be happy what I can tell you is expect nothing and you will never be disappointed


When we say somebody is in poverty it means lack of resources to cover or to fulfill your life ar family and personal needs while when we talk about misery is situation when you don’t have even able to give yourself your basic needs


This is the situation when you become alone and alone indeed with nobody but you day and night you're alone at the office and so much more you don’t have anybody to tell you even hi! Good morning or I miss you  so many people fear that


This is when you afraid very much to be criticised in your life you need to always not fear because everyone thinks different


Many people of this world they afraid very much to be rejected and once they find themselves in the situation the get the most disappointed time in their life but that have no problem


All people they fear death because they are not sure where and what will be next thing after death so they don’t want to die


I don’t know why people the fear failure while there is  nothing good in this world more than failure and we always fail when we are not letting them fail

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