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People regret these things every single day befor

 People regret these things every single day before the gone

Many people of this world the love many things but because of had life they get nothing and that is too bad because there are many things happening in the world and one of then if death and life people are borne every single day and people they die every single day

I wish I spent more time with people I love

When you’re going to die you will remember only one thing that make me an you in very sad situation because we spent more time doing things which are not very important and forget that what we have to do is to make sure we spent more time with people we love more than with people we do not love but because of money they buy our time

I wish I had worried less

People of this world worry too much and hold them from getting what is important to get and when you think very much you will come to accept that many people they don’t take opportunities because they fear too much

I wish I would be forgiven

As we know more people in this world the make sure they don’t forgive people and they think by doing this they hurt those people while in the truth that is wrong those people they hurt themselves

I wish I had stood up for myself

The art of standing by yourself it needs readiness and in this world, there are too few people who want to stand but majority the stand because of somebody and that is too bad

I wish I worked less

People they work too much is life they will live forever in this world while in this world we only live very few moment and after  that, we will go in the dust from

I wish I worried less about what people think

But many people now the life upon what others think and that is too bad and I wonder why people they never be smart on that

I wish I faced my fear

I act of fearing to start something and to handle something you started is what every single person suffer from and most of them we are in position of making life  and world bad place because of our fear 

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