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How to make people think about you

How to make people think about you

 people they meet with tens of people to hundreds of people per day but there simple few ways to make you enter and surprise their mind and by doing that people can think about you faster


Smiling original smile will make every single person enjoy life when you look at the face of somebody and you see smile you will be able to see more your attention

Repeat peoples name

When you repeat people names it means those people take your attention that is why you remember their names and that is to go and it is amazing and it is well known

Shake hands

If you shake hands with people will make the think so much about you and if you're awesome they will still think about you every single day

Look direct to them that will make them think

As you look so much to the face of your friend you will give them the reason to think why you’re doing that maybe you look to him bad or good it depends on what you let yourself be confronted with

Include them

If you see all people who are not included then include them the will think about you

Compliment about them

And you will always be happy

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