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Biggest animals in the world

 Biggest animals in the world

10. Goliath battles

This is the heaviest animal of all times and no any animal which can or compare till the last time of our research but maybe after more research, we will get more evidence but till now we know that this animal has 115g and 11.5 cm

9. Chinese salamander

This is biggest living amphibian in the world and I lives in side the water and in few cases outside the water and if it happen sometimes and it has weight of 64 kg and 1.8 mso it is very big salamander of all time

8. Ostrich

This animal has weight of 156 kg and 9’ so it is very big bird of all times no any bird that will make this bird to be second or third so if you want to ge very taller animal of all times you must make sure this is what you want to see if you ever

7. Saltwater crocodile

This are crocodile that have the biggest body figure of all time this animal is very big and attractive however sometimes you may run away from this dangerous animal

5. Whale shark

This is the biggest animal in the world however there are other big animal but these also are biggest animal of all times it has 13 m and tones 22

So it is very big animal

4. Brown bear

In the experience with animal this Is also very big animal because it has kg 956 and 3 meter big and also are very attractive animal you may want to see more

5.  Giraffe

is very big animal of all times and all people who need and it has more than 5 meter and has 2.2 tones

4. Elephant

This is the biggest animal of the world it has 7 tone and has many meter

3. Blue whale

This is very big animal and has biggest body of 30 meter and more than 180 tone

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