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Animals which lay eggs

Animals which lay eggs


This is also unbelievable they lay eggs and eggs only they can reproduce

Sea urchins

When you look at the first time you may call this plant but upon looking very careful you will come up with strong ideas that it is an animal and they lay eggs


Polychaete  Worms

To people who have nausea they can never look twice but to other people, this is very attractive small animal and it is the best it lay many small eggs


These fish live in water and you can enjoy very much looking at this many times as you can it like star and this fish lay eggs too

Snails and slugs

Some countries they eat snail and some countries they can even take second look to snail but also they use these snails in decoration, snail lay eggs


These animals also produce eggs for reproduction


These animals are living in water and are very attractive if you need to enjoy you can see this but also these animals they produce eggs

All arachnids

This is group of very attractive animal and they have to much attractiveness and the last and very important thing about this group they lay eggs like spider


Lay eggs, there are numeral of attractive insects, annoyance, diseases transmitters and other but all in all this are very attractive


Also, these animals lay eggs and produce and reproduce themselves by using this method


This also lay eggs and when you look to them you will be attracted

Fishes in general

Fish produce millions of eggs for reproduction and what is true about fish is we all eat fish also fish are very attractive


Also, this group includes frog and live in water and out of water but some of them lay their eggs in water


These comply the biggest animals and also the smallest animals and all lay eggs


There are few mammal lay eggs


Almost all birds lay eggs

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