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How to be friend of your pet

How to be friend of your pet

The truth is well known if you don’t have or you don’t know how to befriend with your pt the is very hard to make it happy and if you fail to make it happy you will end up crying all times. But it is very important to set boundaries because the friendship with animal is unlike the friendship with human being because with human being you can get anything you need eve without teaching but pet needs you to teach and it depends on you on every single direction and without you its health will not be good and without you it life will not go on because it will need food and medicine and so much more including your time and love so you must very care full in living with these animals so you may find them at the end of the day they have good health

Establish confident

Your pet will always make more time with you and it can make you lose your happiness but don’t use bad action you must tell in simple action like don’t do it or do it don’t be out of your control if you want your pet to like you and if your pet will take you as boss then nothing will be done without last say from the boss so it will be very easly for you to control your cat make your self respect your cat like and dislike if by any chance your cat doesn’t like something then for sure you must stop giving it  and for something that is clear you have to give it be consistent on what you need at the end of the day your cat to accomplish then it will adopt what you want and it will be done

Spend quality time together with your pet

Your pet is very important for your happiness so if you want to have good life you must make sure you spend some time with your pet playing and making some fun going out together doing and teaching each other new thing showing real love to your pet and making your dog live the life that you will be happy

Taking care your dog

Feeding your pet with high quality foods is very important so you must make sure you have the ability to take care of your pet before getting one because most people the always get pets because they need one, however, those dogs they don’t get any services so it is better to get you are dog or pet get services it deserve including security, food, cleanliness, clean water, regular check-ups and so much more

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