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Books to read if you prefer to live longer

 Books to read if you prefer to live longer

Books always make us awesome creature and when God created us he wanted us to be good people and how to be good is when we decide to live the life we want to live but as per his instruction and he provided us with bible and other books so we can read and get the idea of living in this world because only by reading we can be smart again but without reading we will still be as we are and that is too bad. We are at oviside decided to reveal to your books that you will need to read now

The road

This book gives me the real power of living and enjoy and make myself in position of knowing myself and it gives the power to be a father while I was in position where my self I can even know what is going on

Where the sidewalk ends

This is the beautiful book which explains much more about life and I was in love with this book since I am a kid and till tomorrow I will still love that book because that book is awesome and I will arrange my time to read more books like that book

Love is the mixtape

This will show you more how people see more thing about love and it reminds us on the day that we will need to change our self to fit to love somebody and make that really happen and very simple as we are going to live in families soon

The woodlander

My father, he is carpenter and we all enjoy his work and at the first time I thought that book is related with more ideas of wood processing and issues of carpenter but It was  not and to make sure that this book it reveals something in my life I decided to read the whole book and I portrayed me with things that are amazing to me

Why I write

This book sure the whole truth on why the writer writes and truth is he always write because was seeking the truth so info you want to stay safe please start reading books for it will help you very much in your life

Sleeping where I fall

For the first time I read this book it was early 2018 oh to me it was too late because I wanted to make sure I read many books until 2017 but some books were with me till 2018 and for the information, I don’t even make half of my journey 

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