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The books that I never read

 The books that I never read 

All visitor of our website you can be the writer here in our website because we need very much more new articles and original not copy and if you're interested then send us the email and we will make you the author of this website. Me and my family we love very much reading books and we have many books at our home, however, I am not living with them anymore but we still love reading books me and my girlfriend s every single day we must read and we do this personal to everybody according to time we get to read more and more

Here I have some books which I never read for one reason or another

Pride and Prejudice

This book is very good book and I like this book very much and I have this book in my home library and the good news I started to read but I never finish five-page until today  as I write this book every single time I feel like to change the book and to take another and I already read so much more books but never this

The lord of rings

This also is the book that I wonder why are very difficult for me to finish and for this, I wonder why I even fail to read and I feel like I don’t like this book I always wonder why and what I think no is I might never read this book again in my like

Stephen King

This book was brought to my home by my friend and I don’t like it so till today I still free from this book but as day go by I  may read this book but now it is not planned yet

The secret garden

This is the book that is very important and every single member of this world would like to read but I found nothing when I start and I let it go and maybe I will take it again but I think there are many other books which I need to read more than that book so there is no need to concentrate on one book  

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