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Reasons on why women get difficult time to have or

Reasons on why women get difficult time to have orgasm

The truth is many women get orgasm even through masturbation while more than 50% have sexual intercourse and still they can’t have their orgasm, knowing that we at oviside decided to show to you reasons. There are are many factors which will need to understand to have sex and get orgasm depend on the following facts 1. Age 2. Hormonal status 3.sexual experience 4. Physical stimulation 5. General health 6. General stimulation and type of sexual activity. So to have good sex and have better sex you will need to consider these factors these are answers from women on the question

I am not interested in sex with my partner

If you’re not interested then you must be aware is very difficult to fill that gap and what is most simple to get good sex orgasm is you will need to get good and the one partner you're interested

My partner does not seem to be interested in me

If your partner is not interested with you then the simple answer is he will be in position of not taking care of you and if he ill not take care about you it means sometimes you will need to give orgasm to your self

I do not enjoy sex with my partner

Sex is all about enjoyment

So if you don’t enjoy sex with your partner that is very easily to deal with this, and what you have to do here is to talk with your boy/girl and tell all your problem and wants and you will solve the problem

My partner does not seem to enjoy sex with me

Maybe he is going with another girl who is better than you or he only needs to be alone so he enjoys nothing from you, but what you have to do is to calm down and talk and as you talk you will find the better solution ever in your life

I am not sufficiently  stimulated during sex

This is also can be the simple problem because if you go directly in problem-solving you will find you have to teach each other what you have to do to stimulate each other so it is all about communication

I am not adequately lubricated/wetted during sex.

If you found somebody with this problem the trick is simple and if you want t to enjoy you have to make sure you educate yourself to perform

I experience irritation during sex/pain

If you do not get pleasure instead of simple pleasure you get pain you have to see your doctor to solve the problem

You don’t get enough during sex

If you take 1up to 3 minutes to sex that is the problem you should take care of that problem to make your woman happy with full orgasm

I don’t know my body

If you know nothing about your body then it will be very difficult to another to get to know your body more than you so you must make sure you know everything to help yourself and your partner

I feel medication is the problem






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