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Health reasons for you to be in relationship

Health reasons for you to be in relationship

I need to learn more every single day about relationship but I know there is no way I can finish the issue of relationship because relationship is like when you decide to talk about life so if you talk about life that is good thing but you will never finish life because is the longest topic ever in all topics so there is no expert of life more the one who provides that life to all people who is only one in the heaven and the earth. More people want to be in relationship but they don’t know what are disadvantage and advantage to getting in the relationship

The following are reason to be in relationship

To share love and caring

When you share love and caring this is best thing ever to receive in life you get somebody who will love and care you then that is the best service ever and you will never get that service anywhere more than to your partner the one love you with no good reason

To grow and learn

Relationship is where every single member of this world will stop nobody who does not want to be in relationship so if no one the what is needed is everybody should get him/ herself trained to be in relationship one day and once you start you will learn and grow

To be there to support each other

Once you enter in relationship you will enjoy support from your lover and you will every single day be happy more than ever before because when you fail you will find yourself go in good state more than ever before and what will be happening is you will get help from your love

To share fun

In the only family, you will be happy and enjoy life every single day in all of your life so you and your wife plus children you will be enjoying life every single day in all your life

You can have children

However some people they die in marriage without children but that is not what they wanted because the always want to meet and get kids and once there is no child that become problem but that is not the meaning of relationship what you have to do is you will be having your partner but the kid is the just gift from GOD

Create safe and loving sexual life

If you don’t get this you will sex with bitches and get health problems while if your better in your relationship you will never get problems

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