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Types of relationship in the world

Types of relationship in the world

Relationship for show

This is when somebody is in love with somebody and they is the relationship for only show they don’t have vision or any future plan in their life so this is what we call relationship for show this is wastage of time and many resources my advice is you get yourself in true love and not for show, this relationship ends once one of them find somebody cooler

Intense relationship

This is relationship is very wonderful and more than any relationship I found in town because this it starts with bang and end with small-scale war it end when somebody needs to have just small space following small-scale war which happened

Never ending relationship

This is the relationship where this person they sometimes never happy but they never leave each other the just love problems of each other every individual in this relationship need time to be in position to be happy but that is not possible because he feels when he leaves that girl he will have more problems more than ever

Wtf relationship

This is the union where al you and your partner your not happy to be together and family together with friend you all not happy at all you feel like something happen that makes you're to not leave each other alone

Dependant and independent relationship

Simple expression is when you come in this issue you will know what is going on when you see somebody is very dependent to other  or somebody is not related with anybody by any means he has thing  but he does those things alone and much more

Perfect relationship

This is when the relationship comes with the conclusion of all above relationship features but on top, this will have unconditional love and this will never die

Bonus relationship

This is when the following types of relationship are inside The Chill/ Stable Relationship, The Threesome, The On-Again/ Off-Again Relationship, The Abusive Relationship, The Relationship in Which There’s Constant Fighting, The Arranged Marriage, The Internet Relationship, The Extremely Normal Relationship, The Functional Relationship, The Relationship With a Baby, The Family, The Alternative Vegan Commune Relationship, The Open Relationship, The Forbidden Relationship. This is wonderful relationship and I don’t love this buy any means and I pray so I can be free from every single problem




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