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How bad habit affects your health

How bad habit affects your health

It may not disturb your friends and you as well but it's very dangerous to your health so here we are going to lean the facts

Bite your Nail

This is very bad habit and it destroy your health every single day it destroy your skin and your nail too it is difficult to enjoy life if the skin is open and infection is free to enter and to so much in your health and you can make more from which the life will be not interesting, this behavior more is caused by stress and there are more you have to do like to talk with doctor and much more

Cheat yourself in sleep

The time of sleep your watching movies or your doing something like to talk with your phone and much more that is not good at all you must allow yourself to sleep and get beautiful sleep because the quality sleep you get the more and more good life you get

Blast your headphone

We all know that having some more sound is dangerous and it is advised to have good and measured sound for your health so some people exceed the limit and this is too bad and they have to stop now

Surf before bed

The blue or white light is very dangerous and we all have to stop doing that now because it will result to loss of sleep and cause many problems you can never have the ability to perform your work the next day at your workplace

Sit for long period

This also is not good because if you sit from morning to noon that is too bad and if that is too bad here are the reasons the metabolism will not be done to the better extent and much more

Drink too much

Drinking itself is not good at all and the problem becomes even greater when you start drinking too much you will cause problems in your life and make thing get you to never enjoy

Eating too much

Cause many problems and diseases and also it causes many bad body looking problems including overweight

Eating to quick

Can lead to problems which may cause even massive problem in air passage sometimes

Eating junk food

That can cause cancer too if you eat every single day

Spending much more time alone

It may cause heart problems  that will never help you in anything more than dying faster


This habit will cause lungs problem and then you will soon die

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