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Things that you should never share if you want to

Things that you should never share if you want to stay healthy

There are tones of things you should never share if you want to stay healthy and as we live in this world we must take care very much of our health more than anything else because if you have better health you will be able to enjoy more and more and there are so many ways to avoid sharing some gadgets. We are at oviside decided to share with you things you should never share if you want to stay healthy.

Bar soap

If you want to stay away from contagious diseases please stay away from sharing bar soap because it carries some of the organisms that are very dangerous in health and these organism are well known every single day there are fungus of many types which are affecting any part of the body so sharing bar soap is not good at all it is bad thing


To share towel is risky are very and very dangerous because it cause destruction or skin and it is very important to know that this towel can carry microorganisms from one person to another person and this is your time if your interested with this so you may get more skin diseases but we advise you now to make sure you do not do that by any means


By any means, you should never share razors because you can get many diseases if it cut you and can cause many diseases including the following HIV and so much more and you will be in risk to get so much more diseases like to viral diseases which are transmitted in blood

Nail clippers

If you're using the same nail clipper with your friends you must stop it now because it is very dangerous if it cut and get contact with blood can cause disease to move from one person to another and that can cause more problems more than ever

Anything in jar

Don’t share anything in jar because when you share anything you can cause contagious diseases to transmit more faster

Any air clipper should be avoided

To make people be smart we should all take this serious that people may not take their time to use used air clipper because they will be in danger every single day



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