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Facts that will actually make you wonder about tim

Facts that will actually make you wonder about time

Time is most wonderful in all and every single person use time and sometimes wonder how time running or they actually think so much of time and yet they can’t explain everything in time. So time make every single individual think more of this world and life the following are few facts about time

Time was not always existed

Very long time ago scientist reveals that time and space never existed and was only matter which was all together and this is according to scientist but we actually not sure we are working very hard to know more and once we have something for sure we will reveal it here

Time of the earth is always slowdown

Due to rotation of the earth, the moon and sun produce friction that reduces downtime by  1.7 milliseconds per century so this is what happens do you wonder? we also wonder these things are amazing and we are happy to learn about this too

Time is related to tolerance

When you say it will all end this now you have t discuss when all this will end it is today or tomorrow or after weeks we must be more specifical and is happening when somebody says will be ready for five minutes and he takes 5 hour time time time

Time is related to growth

Give it time it will grow up to the place you want and children they also grow and when to compare children of  5 is different to children of 10 this is what happens

Time is related to your economic

When you want to be rich you must make sure you fight and when you get money you save and as you save more money you will find yourself get more and more but according to time

Time-related to development

Time is everything everywhere if you want to enjoy life just respect time is related is every single thing in this world

Marriage, life, death and so much more is all happen on time

So the secrets of all this is when you make sure you get what you need on time you have to know it was arranged and if you get what you always missed and not on time you must know this is best time for you however you never know and the one who controls everything there is GOD



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