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Time is awesome and every single individual should make sure to learn at least very things about time

Time goes faster as we get old

Time, when we are children the day, took forever to end but as we grow it is amazing because time goes very faster more than ever we all see that time go faster and faster because we have too much t do every single day

When you do something every day then time goes too quickly

That is what happening every single day if you are doing the same thing every single day then the time will run more than ever before you must not worry about this because you will enjoy doing what is best on time the truth is the time will never go faster or slow but normal

Time speeds up when you're in hurry

Every single day if you're doing your work you will find time go very faster but that does not mean it change according to you are needs or mood but you change the perception of time according to what you want

Time slow when you're faster

This is what happens when you move faster and somebody said if you much very faster you will leave time behind because it never move faster or slow it always normal

Time moves very slow when you're waiting

When you wait for something or somebody or anything you will notice the time move very slowly more than ever before and this is the result of yourself and not time because time never change because of you

Time moves very slow when we are aware of ourselves

Once you find out that who you are and what is your purpose then you will feel happy and enjoy when time go slow but when you find yourself know nothing even about your self then you will find time just moving

Time freeze when you follow clock too much

This is what simply happens when you in front of your watch every single second you will see like time is not moving

Time is very slow when you face problem

In any situation, if you are in position of having the certain problem then you will find that the time is too slow

Time last forever is your bored

The same time can go faster if your watching movie but it takes forever to end if your reading book and because one task is interesting more than the other

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