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Ways to make your friends happy

 Ways to make your friends happy

To make somebody happy is not simple work but the good news is it is possible to make anybody even the one who is so sad happy I know so much more people they fall in the trape that every single person they meet is not happy and that makes them unhappy too and that is quite the problem and to make that problem out is very simple you must consider the following guide on how o make anybody happy


When you are doing everything don’t to forget to smile because as you smile you will get so much more done and nothing will fail if everybody around you is happy

Be good listener

More people of this world the just try to make themselves the best version of all times and they cant to that if they cant talk and they cant talk if you cant listen so if you listen to them they become very happy and you will see every single second the smile and happy

Spend quality time

To give somebody your time is very good thing so you can talk or do some thing great but you can just do something without knowing those people because other people they specialize in wasting other peoples time

Appreciate them

As people, they get themselves more appreciated they get themselves happy and this happen if they feel but if you show them they will even be well more than anybody in this world

Take joke or do something fun

As you do that thing in the way that is interesting you will make all people safe and happy because happiness cures many diseases in the world

Say I love you

I love you is single sentence but can change everything in this world within a second and that is how things in this world go so you must make sure you tell the word I love you every single time you get that opportunity

Speak kind words

When you speak kind world people the will think like you care them and if you care them the will be happy because of that care

Send gifts

If you send gift t them they will even love you very much in the time 

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