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how to make your meal to schedule to lose weight

how to make your meal to schedule to lose weight

the are many ways to make just schedule to your life that will never create any different but today we make our decisions to share with you how to schedule your meal today and every now

Eating big breakfast

you eat bog meal of the day it gives you big power and energy to start the day and as you start that day you will enjoy your life and get everything you want to be done while your powerful and the old says said every single individual in this world should eat breakfast as a king and lunch as a queen and the dinner as slave to maintain their health

Skipping the breakfast

that is a bad thing ever because you need to do work you will need energy so if you don’t have energy how will you got work done so if you want your work to be done you must make sure you never skip breakfast

large lunch

Eating big lunch is very butter than taking huge dinner because you will find what you eat gets to be used and if it gets used you will find things and process done by using that energy

Snack size meal throughout the day

That is not good you must finally get yourself free from chewing or digesting anything you must be free to make relaxation of the body

Drinking water

Every single human being should drink water 30 minutes before or after meal and not otherwise for by not doing that we destroy our health

Not drinking something which is too cold or too hot


Do not eat anything if man made it don’t it

Try to be natural

Enjoy life

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