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How to make yourself smart

 How to make yourself smart

To be smart is very simple but only you ’re the one who will know that your smart but if you really want to enjoy life you must make sure you follow at least few things including the following

Read faster

As you read faster people they will see you as somebody who is educated and that will help you to not try to your level best to show them your smart but what you will need is only single opportunity that will show you or reveal you to them and that will help very much

Speak up

As you speak people will hear what your talking and that will help very much and you will finally make things in the way you never think before and to be honest is a man who talks is seems to do something that will help but if you don’t talk or when you talk you talk rubbish that is too dangerous

Focus on what you know

Don’t do anything that you don’t know because it will make you like you know nothing and nobody will think like your very smart and most of them the will think that your nothing and to see or to listen to you is wastage of time

Get some exercises

As you make sure your body is exercised that will help you to enjoy more than ever before and if you need to look good and attractive you should do exercises every single day and that will help you very much

Talk to yourself

Make everything fine and if somewhere you fail you should do is to talk to yourself to make sure you solve anything that seems to not fit on its design or any problem

Learn the second language

If you know the second language people will think of your very smart more than ever before and e are at oviside know how that is important to you so please make sure you do this

Do things the hard way

As you grow you must make sure you decide to have everything in a hard way because hard life every day make us perfect more than ever

Know what will make you smarter

This will help you very much and in the position of winning this is very important

Believe that you can be smart one day in your life then live the way and it can be done

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