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The facts about human body

 The facts about human body

There are millions of facts about human body and today we will show you facts about human body many people decided to talk about human body but they cannot tell us everything about human body because is one of the biggest and complicated matters in the world and no any which is complicated like this so let’s check some and few facts about human body

The brain is more active at night more than during daytime

This is true but the scientist are working hard to reveal the fact on why this is happening this fact has evidence but no strong reason till now if soon the secret will be revealed we will show them here and you will be more than happy to enjoy what you will get

The more IQ the more your supposedly to dream

If you have high or low IQ you will see it and prove it to your bed during sleep because if you have high IQ and yet you do not dream they you should make sure you deal with that problem

The facial hair grows faster than any hair

The more you get to grow you will have facial air and this depends on your gender so if your gender is male you will see your facial hair is going faster more than any hair of your body so to make this possible you must take care of facial hair every single day

The nail of the middle finger grows faster than any finger

This can be seen even when you at home and you decided to do this because the nail of the middle finger will always grow faster than any finger you have

The fingernail grow four times than the toe finger

If you want to make this as your test you will learn for example of your own body and that will help you very much and you will make your sciences to be perfect more than ever before

The lifespan of human hair is 3 up 7 years

The hair of human being including man and woman they all have hair and all hair have the same characteristics so human hair can live up 7 years but never more than 7 years

The stomach has strong acid to dissolve zinc but it cant destroy the stomach

The stomach cannot be destroyed because the wall of the stomach is always ready  to renew after few times so it cant be destroyed by the acid

Women heart are faster than men heartbeat

For women, this can be reduced when you decide to make thing by yourself including exercises because the way you make more exercise you will get more tone of strong hair

Women blink twice as man they do

Women are always blinked so many times than men and we are here reveal the truth of this facts  is when women close and open their eyes they do it more than man

Women are born smaller than men and they remain smaller than men for life

So the awesomeness of is revealed when the born smaller and stay smaller but they still can do more than any man because they can carry a baby

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