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Facts we never know about male human body

Facts we never know about male human body

The men are most amazing creature on the planet and they have wonderful and most of the people they never know and the peculiarity of men could never simple known by women even men themselves the cant define how they were created because it is very amazing and the following are facts about human body, not all human body but men human body

Slow aging

All men the go old very slowly more than women and they can never be the same after 30 years in appearance and if they appear to be the same the man should be older than women they young women can look the same to adult men so all men the grow very slowly even the man can never know what is look like to this most believed idea which we always see by our naked eyes

The ability to lactate

Science says men gland have the ability to produce milk but it only to people who have hormonal imbalance or they used medications which can destroy the hormonal system and that can lead to hormonal imbalance and make that grand to produce milk very faster


This is explained more about how men lose head hair so this actually happens when you start growing to older and the hair loss start in the middle of the head and go to front of the face then it will go to back of the head and what we need to remember is all hair on two sides of the head will remain the same

Female origin

All men in this world begins with the existence as female so the science reveal that when x and y chromosome join the man produced and if the x and x joined the will produce the very amazing female kid but there is more during the first 5 to 6 weeks all people remain as females and  after that period they will be active again but before that they will still inactive

Thick skin

All men in the world the have sick skin more than female

Adam's apple

In your life have you wondered for which purpose Adam's apple for the always amazing in voice chord but the problem remain there why the men are big than women and what is general functions the truth is this is protecting the voice chord

Color perception

The men’s color perception is too weak when you compare to women’s color perceptions the reason is very clear. The color perception is controlled by retina cone cell, and the information about them is contained in the x chromosome and because female have two x the have twice ability on color perception

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